The Power of Essential Oils for Emotional Self-Care


For the last several weeks, we have collectively been moving through intense emotional heaviness that sometimes feels unbearable.


During times like this, I believe Extreme Self-Care is an absolute necessity. Not a luxury, but a must.


During my mastermind call this last week, I shared with the group how I’ve stepped up my self-care routine so I can take care of my nervous system and my emotions. My colleagues were eager to learn exactly what I’m doing.


Here is how I’m stepping up my self-care:

  1. Extend my morning routine to give myself plenty of time for processing my emotions. This means I allow extra time to write in my journal, pray, read my bible, and meditate. I don’t rush through any of this. I allow myself plenty of time to feel grounded and supported.


  1. I’ve decreased the number of hours for delivering client sessions. This means sometimes clients have to wait until the following week to book a session. But honestly, they’ve been okay with that because they are practicing self-care, too, and appreciate the time to just be and not have to show up as a client.


  1. Eating very healthy. No sugar. Limited carbs. Lots of protein and vegetables. Drinking LOTS of water.


  1. Not watching the news. Not looking for protesting or pandemic updates. I’m just staying in my little cocoon of positive vibration.


  1. Tapping (aka EFT) – I keep myself regulated by tapping on my meridian endpoints, which is scientifically proven to send a calming signal to the amygdala (the part of the brain responsible for fight or flight). I tap nearly every day. Sometimes several times a day. I tap on anything that triggers or upsets me. It only takes a few minutes and the release of negative emotions is almost always instantaneous.


Lastly, but certainly not least…


  1. My new passion: The healing power of essential oils. As someone who has a background of trauma, I am constantly looking for ways to support my ongoing healing process. I’ve been slathering myself with top quality essential oils for emotional support all throughout the day (but mainly morning and evening). There are too many to list here now (that’s for another article).


The three main essential oils I’m currently using are

Lavender – Used for insomnia and nervous tension; it’s calming, relaxing and balancing both emotional and physical. It also improves concentration; I noticed that since I started using lavender on a daily basis, I don’t experience brain fog in the afternoon any more.


Frankincense – Oh, how I love Frankincense! It has muscle relaxing and anti-depressant qualities and it lifts your spirits. Its fragrance is known to increase spiritual awareness, promote meditation, improve your attitude. As someone who took Paxil for depression twenty-five years ago, I can tell you that after applying frankincense, sometimes I feel a sense of euphoria come over me. Similar to the feelings I used to get from taking Paxil. It’s amazing!!!


Orange – Known to boost immunity and induce relaxation and reduce depression. It’s uplifting and creates a delightful feeling of wellbeing. According to a study, orange essential oil was shown to reduce anxiety in children awaiting dental treatment (Jafarzadeh, 2013).


Peppermint – I originally started using Peppermint to stave off vertigo. I haven’t had an episode of vertigo since I started using it about six months ago. It also has a stimulating quality and increases alertness, so I use it to avoid Zoom fatigue (the mental fuzziness that occurs from being on the computer for extended periods). Actually, I inhale it all day long, which keeps me focused and alert.


The result is that even though our nation is in a state of civil unrest, I feel grounded, hopeful, grateful and mentally clear. I still feel emotional, but I’m not overwhelmed or triggered by all these emotions, which is huge for someone who used to suffer from chronic anxiety and panic attacks.


If you’ve been feeling emotionally vulnerable or depleted lately, then I encourage you to create ways to give yourself some extra emotional support by doing things that make you feel loved and nurtured and that bring you back to a place of peace and serenity.

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