Take care of your loved ones by updating your beneficiary forms

Patti Fagan, Award-Winning Financial Coach

  Updating your beneficiary forms is one of those ‘important but not urgent’ personal finance To Do’s. Which means it can get put off until it’s too late. The saddest phone call an advisor will ever receive is that a client passed away. This happened to me recently. One of my dear clients, a former […]

Why Estate Planning is a Woman’s Issue

Happy National Estate Planning Awareness Month!

Why Estate Planning is a Woman’s Issue - National Estate Planning Awareness Month

October is National Estate Planning Awareness Month. I was just reading that over half of American adults do not have an up-to-date estate plan in place. Incidentally, as I write this, my husband and I are (finally) working with our attorney to create ours.   Knowing that everything is in place should something unforeseen happen […]