Every Woman Has the Capacity to Rule Her Financial Affairs

  Sometimes we do not give ourselves enough credit when it comes to managing money. Because financial planning has traditionally been the domain of men, women are routinely left out of the conversation. We, as women, have been socialized to believe that we should leave the big financial decisions to men. We have been taught […]

What is Your No. 1 Coronavirus Money Fear?

  Before the pandemic, 49% of the women surveyed in the Allianz Women, Money & Power Survey (2013), stated their number one money fear sounded something like this:   I’m afraid I’ll end up penniless and homeless in retirement.   This is a fear I hear about more often than not from women who come […]

Are you assuming the worst about your future?

  Making assumptions can cause a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress and anxiety when it comes to our finances. Assuming the worst can lead us to make bad financial decisions. Or worse, it can cause us to avoid making decisions at all.   The biggest thing that holds women back in their finances is not […]

One Woman’s Financial Coaching Success Story

One Woman's Financial Coaching Success Story blog post

  One of the most rewarding aspects of being a financial coach is watching my client go from feeling clueless and overwhelmed to taking control and stepping into money mastery. One thing I know for sure is that a financially empowered woman is unstoppable in going after her goals and dreams.   For women, being […]

Will you have enough to retire?

Here's how you can find out

Saving for retirement

If you’re concerned about having enough savings to retire, you’re not alone. According to this article, 78% of Americans are stressed about saving for retirement. The financial services industry has done a poor job of teaching Americans what it really takes to retire, in terms of savings and financial protection. When thinking about how much […]

Single Women and Retirement

Why you need a financial team

Single Women and Retirement

  Sometimes single women can feel overwhelmed by the fact that their financial security is their sole responsibility. If this describes you, just know that you’re not alone. For women, money is an emotional topic. Which means it can feel overwhelming at times. But it does not have to be like that. Studies show that […]

She Did It, So Can You!

Client success story: How she got to retire early

She Did It, So Can You!

When a woman makes a decision to take the first step to get her finances in order, it boosts her self-confidence, especially around money. This confidence has an impact on other areas of her life as well, which allows her to make sound financial decisions. Take my sixty-one year old client Missy for instance. She […]