Have You Funded Your Future Retirement Paycheck?

Have you funded your future retirement paycheck?

  In the United States, we celebrate Women’s Equality Day on August 26th. But let’s be honest, women are anything but equal when it comes to retirement planning. That is why I get passionate when I see articles about women, money, and retirement. When it comes to funding your future retirement paycheck, I strongly believe […]

How to Overcome Your Financial Fears

Plus 5 curated women & retirement articles to increase your financial literacy

Last week, I was talking with a friend and we got to talking about women, money, and retirement. She told me how her fifty-five-year-old cousin is worried about her husband leaving her, which would put her in a vulnerable financial position. She’s thinking about retiring in the next five years but is afraid to because […]

3 Baby Steps to Help You Take Charge of Your Finances

3 Baby Steps to Help You Take Charge of Your Finances - by Award-winning Financial Coach, Patti Fagan

  Despite your best intentions, taking charge of your finances tends to get pushed to the back burner, which ultimately causes financial anxiety. You know you need to take care of these things. But you’d rather avoid the discomfort of facing your financial reality. Well, guess what? You’re not alone. Lots of women avoid dealing with […]

The $140,000 Latte

How little things add up over time

  David Bach, the author of Smart Women Finish Rich coined the term “Latte Factor” to represent the missed opportunities to build wealth due to habitual unconscious spending on things like unnecessary daily coffee drinks. Have you ever stopped to think about how much money you could contribute to retirement savings each month if you really […]

Baby Boomer Women Wish They Had Saved More Money for Retirement

Women & Money Blog

  If you’re a baby boomer woman and you feel like you’re behind in your retirement savings, you are not alone. According to The Allianz Women, Money and Power Study (2007), 62% of women wish they had done more to prepare for their retirement. More than half (55%) wish they had saved more money and […]

April is Financial Literacy Month – Why Financial Education Matters

Patti Fagan, Award-Winning Financial Coach

April is National Financial Literacy Month. What’s your plan for a safe and secure retirement? This Forbes article speaks to the need for hard-working Americans to make financial literacy a priority. It cites a gobankingrate.com survery, which states: 50% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings   What are these people supposed to do […]

She Did It, So Can You!

Client success story: How she got to retire early

She Did It, So Can You!

When a woman makes a decision to take the first step to get her finances in order, it boosts her self-confidence, especially around money. This confidence has an impact on other areas of her life as well, which allows her to make sound financial decisions. Take my sixty-one year old client Missy for instance. She […]

Women & Retirement: How to Save More Money Starting This Month

Women & Retirement: How to Save More Money Starting This Month

Are you one of those women who spends everything you make? You earn enough to pay your bills, and even have some left over. But instead of saving it, you spend it. Here’s something you may not want to hear: having enough money to retire when you want to is about making a plan to […]