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✓ Heal your money relationship

✓ Release the pain of the past and go after your dreams
✓ Step into the life of healing, abundance & prosperity that God has for you


As an award-winning, spiritual life & money coach who is highly trained in the financial & insurance services industry, as well as advanced personal breakthrough methodologies, I help you reprogram your mind-body-money connection, so you can release the blocks and patterns that are holding you back.

God created women to rule their personal and financial affairs with excellence and mastery.

I want to see every woman own her personal and financial power so that she can create wealth and success to go after her God-given dreams. But, more importantly, be able to retire with enough money to take care of herself throughout her golden years, no matter how long she lives.


If this is what you want for yourself then you’re in the right place!


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Release Your Money Blocks


Download the new guide: RELEASE YOUR MONEY BLOCKS


Here’s to God’s blessing being manifest in every area of your life!

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