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Breakthrough Business Coaching for Soulful Women Entrepreneurs

✓ Are you tired of discounting your value and your services which means you can’t seem to end the cycle of under-charging and over-delivering?


✓ Are you afraid of raising your fees because you think you’ll lose clients?


✓ Do you struggle with how much to charge for your programs, products or services?


Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right balance of pricing to convert new clients but without under-charging for your value. If your current business model has you trading time for dollars, you’re in the right place!

It’s surprisingly simple to get out of that pattern and into the right mindset of owning your value. If you’d like to create packages based on results that deliver massive value while freeing your time and increasing your sense of peace and happiness then I’d love to coach through this transformation with you.

Attracting new clients and generating more income is a lot easier when you have a framework for your business.

Your programs, products, and packages can be re-energized to where they are practically selling themselves and saving you time and energy. Are you excited?


If this is you and you’d like to learn how this works, let’s schedule a 15-minute Q&A call.

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Hello, I’m Patti Fagan

As an award-winning business & money coach who is highly trained in the financial & insurance services industry and ran my own retirement planning and insurance practice for over 13 years, my specialty is mentoring women to create financial independence through entrepreneurship.

My area of expertise is in deep transformational coaching to help you break free of the blocks and patterns that show up as you travel your entrepreneurial and financial journey, and in creating systems and structures in your business that free you up to do the work you love to do.

If you want to sign on new ideal clients month after month in a way that is authentic and fun, I will show you how to create an action plan to do just that!


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