Self-Love and Real Wealth

Patti Fagan Award-Winning Financial Coach

As a financial advisor and money coach, working with hundreds of women over the last ten years, I’ve come to realize that real wealth comes from a loving, intimate relationship with yourself. For some of us this doesn’t come naturally.

When a fifteen year relationship with a man who promised I would never have to worry about finances came to a painful end, I learned the hard way that women cannot depend on Prince Charming to take care of them.

So, I set out to learn everything I could about improving my relationship with money. I got trained to work as a financial advisor, specializing in retirement planning for school teachers and administrators. It was there that I started noticing patterns with women and money.

In my research on women, money and empowerment, I’ve learned that a woman’s relationship with money in many ways mirrors her relationship with herself, her sense of power and value in the world.

This intertwined relationship has its roots in early childhood. It’s as if the relationship between a daughter and her mother and father manifests itself in her adult years as her relationship with money and wealth. This is what makes my work as a money coach so intriguing and rewarding.

Ultimately, I have found that real wealth flows in your life when you are able to look yourself in the mirror and say I love you deeply and completely.

It’s being there for yourself and not self-abandoning.

It’s being able to forgive yourself for disappointments and mistakes you made in the past however terrible they might seem.

It’s accepting yourself just the way you are.

It’s being able to look into your past, no matter how painful, and be at peace with it, knowing that it’s where your inner-strength comes from.

It takes standing in your power, honoring your values and boundaries and believing in the power of your dreams simply because they’re your dreams and you so deserve to see them become reality.

No one else can do that for you. You have to do it for yourself. It comes from within as a result of courage and doing the work on yourself.

That’s what it takes to create real wealth in your life.


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