One Woman’s Financial Coaching Success Story

One Woman's Financial Coaching Success Story blog post


One of the most rewarding aspects of being a financial coach is watching my client go from feeling clueless and overwhelmed to taking control and stepping into money mastery. One thing I know for sure is that a financially empowered woman is unstoppable in going after her goals and dreams.


For women, being empowered around money means they get to experience:

  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Feelings of security about the future
  • A boost in income


This is exactly what happened to my client, Nicole.


Before I started working with Nicole, she was concerned about her overall financial security. She had financial goals but wasn’t sure how to go about achieving them. She wanted to be able to do things such as saving enough money to buy a house someday, go on vacations and save for retirement.


In her own words, Nicole shares how coaching changed her life.

“Money coaching with Patti has made a positive difference in my outlook on finances and how I run my business. I have always lived paycheck to paycheck and was tired of stressing out about money. When I discovered that Patti was offering money coaching for women, I realized this could help me personally and professionally. Being self-employed, I soon realized that learning proven strategies to help me properly manage my money would be the key to my success.”


Like anything worthwhile in life, success in finances is built one habit at a time.

Some clients require more inner work on the emotional aspects of money than others, which is my favorite part of coaching because this is where clients can see profound changes in how they relate to money.


One of the biggest reasons Nicole benefitted from her program is that she was coachable, willing to do whatever it took to see positive changes, and she was committed to her goals right from the beginning. She took responsibility for her outcomes.


“Throughout my coaching sessions with Patti, I gained money-saving tools, I’ve built confidence in myself, set goals and met them, and started saving money which was one of my biggest challenges! By using charts to track my income and expenses each month (which I had never done before), I realized how beneficial this was becoming. I then started saving a percentage of my income per month to go into my savings. Watching that amount grow was motivating and I now save four times that amount per month!”


For women in business, some of the coaching centers around worthiness and empowerment, which in turn impacts sales and income. This was the case with Nicole. Each week, as she evolved in our work together, she became more empowered to reach her financial and business goals, which resulted in new clients and increased revenue each month:


“Patti has given me ideas to implement in my business that has helped me build clientele, promote my services, and most recently, given me courage and ideas to raise my prices while feeling comfortable doing so. Every week, she would have me set a goal for myself to complete the following week. One of my main goals was seeking new clients. I gained 7-8 new clients per month as a result.  It felt great to accomplish these goals and to see them being reflected in my work was very motivating!”


The financial coaching environment provides a safe place for women to explore and learn how to create a healthy relationship with money. Doing the inner and outer work of financial coaching gives women a feeling of being in control of their lives. Self-confidence replaces doubt. Personal peace replaces anxiety. Clarity replaces confusion.


“Finances and money can always be scary to discuss. Patti made me feel comfortable disclosing this private issue that I had always been nervous and ashamed about. This sense of comfort and trust I felt allowed me to open up and gain a great, successful experience! Taking these skills I learned from our coaching sessions and putting them into effect into my daily routine has tremendously helped me feel more secure and comfortable with my finances.”


I’m obviously very proud of Nicole, and how she stepped up to the plate to take charge of her life. As a result, her business and income kept growing, as did her savings.

Savings is one of the most powerful assets a woman can have because it gives her a sense of security. Financial wellbeing comes from feeling secure. It’s one of the most powerful outcomes of financial coaching for women.


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