My EFT and Panic Attack Story

Back in 2004, I suffered terribly from panic attacks and severe anxiety, which developed into agoraphobia. Out of desperation, I tried a multitude of healing therapies: talk therapy, inner-child work, art therapy, acupuncture, Reiki, cranial sacral, massage therapy, you name it; I tried it. But nothing seemed to help.

I kept praying to God for a solution. Then He brought a beautiful new tool into my life: Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT (a.k.a. tapping). Initially, I was a little skeptical because at first glance it seems strange. But I was desperate, so I tried it.

Much to my surprise, I found incredible relief. Within days, my panic attacks and agoraphobia had subsided. I started using EFT with amazing success on everything, including painful memories from past traumas.

I was so excited at the newfound emotional freedom I found I wanted to share it with everyone. I acquired the basic Certificate of Completion (the only certification that was available at that time). I taught community workshops and saw clients in my private office in Santa Cruz.

I received most of my training through live, in-person workshops with Gary Craig. He developed the current version of EFT after training with Roger Callahan, the original form developer. I also trained with internationally recognized leaders in the new field of Energy Psychology, Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake, psychologists out of Australia.

In my life coaching practice, tapping has become my go-to tool for releasing stress, anxiety, grief, sadness, and other distressful emotional states. Especially as it relates to our relationship with money (remember, money is emotional for women). Clients are always amazed at how quickly relief comes.

Clinical research studies of EFT continually prove impressive results in various areas such as relief from chronic physical pain, emotional distress, intense cravings (addictions), PTSD, weight loss, stress, anxiety, and past intense emotional experiences.

The most beautiful thing about using EFT is how quickly it brings relief (if precisely implemented). It’s safe, non-invasive, and simple to use.