For Financial Advisors

Dear Financial Planner,

Let me help you create Clients for Life.

As an award-winning, certified life and financial coach, I help my clients create their life by design not only in their finances but in every area of their life. I do this by teaching them strong financial and goal-setting habits in the area of spending, budgeting, earning and saving.

Using my coaching methodology, clients are able to overcome financial challenges, develop a customized process for managing their cash flow, set goals and create commitment and a doable plan to reach those goals. This builds a strong foundation of personal and financial habits to help them achieve their long-term savings and investment goals, which means they end up having more money to invest with you, their financial planner, and they become a more engaged and committed client for you – a Client for Life.

As a past retirement planner who is trained in the MoneyTrax Circle of Wealth© system, I know how to help clients “find the money” which they are currently (unknowingly and unnecessarily) spending. Once we discover found money, they are then able to direct those dollars toward their long-term savings goals, becoming a better investor with you, their financial planner.

The entire financial coaching process yields behavioral changes at a deeper core level, so clients are internally motivated and committed to becoming better stewards of their finances and a Client for Life for you.



Many clients need both a financial planner AND a financial coach in order to become better stewards of their money. Only then will they truly be able to reach their goals and dreams. My job as a coach is to teach clients how to be better stewards of their finances, and help them find the money to invest in the plan that their financial planner (that’s YOU!) creates for their future.


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