Every Woman Has the Capacity to Rule Her Financial Affairs


Sometimes we do not give ourselves enough credit when it comes to managing money. Because financial planning has traditionally been the domain of men, women are routinely left out of the conversation.

We, as women, have been socialized to believe that we should leave the big financial decisions to men. We have been taught that the world of investments is too complicated and that we shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads about it. We’ve been taught that money is logical and we are emotional creatures and we aren’t able to handle it.

But these outdated social constructs do not serve us as women. In fact, they inhibit our ability to provide financial security for ourselves in retirement – a time when we will be most vulnerable to the rising costs of healthcare, taxes, and inflation.

When it comes to money, knowledge is power. Power that we can use to make smart decisions and take care of ourselves financially.

Our ability to take care of ourselves financially in retirement will mean the difference between living a comfortable lifestyle where we have choices and living a life vulnerable to poverty.

I believe it behooves us to rule our own financial affairs – whether single, married, divorced, or widowed. We must step up to the plate of our own financial destiny, and create the life we want for ourselves, both now and in retirement.

Every woman has the capacity and intelligence to rule her own financial affairs.

Do you agree with me?



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