Do this first to reach your money goals

Patti Fagan, Award-Winning Financial Coach

Women come to me with a desire to overcome their money issues. Whether it be to get out of debt, organize their finances, buy a new home or get serious about saving more so they can make retirement a reality.

Studies indicate that 83% of women would like to get more involved in their finances in the next year.

More than anything what they really want is to create financial security, so they won’t be a bag lady in retirement.

To that end, one of the first steps I do with my clients is to have them connect to their Big Money Why.

However, anytime you set new goals, challenges do pop up. The biggest obstacle for most professional women today is they struggle with how to find the time to implement new financial habits when they simply don’t have any free time.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how busy we are, we always seem to find the time to do the things that really matter to us. So, in order to find the time to do the things necessary to reach your money goals, try motivating yourself by connecting to a vision for your financial success.

What’s the real purpose in reaching your money goals?

What’s your true heart’s desire for financial success?

That’s what I call your Big Money Why.

When you have a big enough WHY the HOW doesn’t matter.

If you truly want to reach your money goals this year, make a connection between your Big Money Why and creating the financial habits you’ll need to implement in order to make them a reality.


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