Is your money blueprint keeping you stuck?

Is your money blueprint keeping you stuck?

How would it be to know exactly what keeps you stuck in your finances? Your issues around money are more than likely tied to incidents in your past. Everything you’ve ever experienced with money since childhood – good and bad – creates your money blueprint. Your money blueprint is really a map of your inner […]

What does journaling have to do with money?

Nine money journal prompts to help you transform your money relationship

Do you ever feel stuck when it comes to some areas of your finances? Whether it’s earning more money, paying off debt, saving more for retirement or trying to get on a budget, if you’re feeling stuck, sometimes it helps to simply grab your journal, pick up a pen and write. Write down your thoughts. […]

How money blind spots rob women of wealth

Blind spots around money are the greatest enemy of wealth and financial security for women. Blind spots represent an area of resistance with money. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in certain situations around money, as many women do, and you find yourself experiencing any of the following emotions, know that you are most likely […]

How to Set Goals and Grow Rich

28 Self-Analysis questions from Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich

Set Goals and Grow Rich

This is the time of year when I like to set aside a chunk of time to be alone and do some introspection about what I want to happen in the upcoming year.   In fact, that’s exactly what I did this past week. I hung out all alone in my office, journaling, planning and […]

How Your State of Mind Directly Affects Your Money Habits

Patti Fagan, Award-Winning Financial Coach & Blogger

Financial institutions are finally starting to realize that for women, money is emotional. Women instinctively already know this. But the problem is that but we’ve been made to feel that being emotional is weak. We haven’t felt supported in acknowledging our emotions when it comes to finances. Increasing self-awareness around our emotions about money will […]

Healing Money Shame

Plus positive declarations to release it

Healing Money Shame

  One of the key steps in releasing money shame is to embrace your worthiness. I have found when working with client’s money shame (as well as my own) there was a core belief that says, “I’m not enough.”   The two seem to go hand-in-hand. The belief that says I’m not enough + money […]

Self-Love and Real Wealth

Patti Fagan Award-Winning Financial Coach

As a money coach and former retirement planner, working with hundreds of women over the last eleven plus years, I’ve come to realize that real wealth comes from a loving, intimate relationship with yourself. For some of us this doesn’t come naturally. When a fifteen-year relationship with a man who promised I would never have […]