Your Time is Now

Your time is now

Your time is now. Listen, my dear, it’s time to get rid of those old worn-out beliefs to make room for the new season you’re stepping into.What worn-out beliefs do you need to let go of? How about letting go of not being ready and not being good enough.You are ready. You’ve been ready for …

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God is Your True Source

God is your true source of everything we’ll ever need or want. Including finances. Even if it comes through people, God is still the source. God uses people and opportunities as His chosen channels to provide for you. Sometimes people get confused about the source of their finances. If we receive a paycheck, we might …

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Transform Your Money Story

Journaling writing is my favorite tool if you want to transform your money story. Not only is it empowering, but it’s also an effective way of regulating your nervous system, which is an important practice for trauma survivors. The emotions around money seem to be more challenging for those with a history of childhood trauma. …

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4 Tips for Creating a Simple Budget

4 tips for creating a simple budget

If you knew of a tool that could bring your finances into harmony, dramatically reduce stress, and make life a whole lot easier, would you take advantage of this tool? Of course, you would! Well, such a tool does exist. A budget (aka spending plan) allows you to take control of your finances instead of …

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