Hello! I’m Patti Fagan.

I’m an award-winning Christian Life & Business Coach, Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, and former retirement planner.

I’m here to help you overcome self-doubt, fears, and mental blocks to success, so you can transform your relationship with money, own your worth, and create six-figure success.

When you work with me, I help you:

  • End the cycle of undercharging and over-delivering
  • Overcome the fear of being visible and putting yourself out there
  • Conquer debt once and for all
  • Heal your money story
  • Heal your relationship with debt, savings, and income
  • Realize the true worth you bring to your clients so you can charge what you’re worth and actually get it!

According to Jeremiah 1:5, God says that before He formed us in the womb, He knew us. Before we were born, He sanctified us.

In Greek, the word KNEW means:

  • Designated
  • Appointed
  • Declared for a certainty
  • Marked for a purpose

God called me to overcome generational trauma and bring His healing to the areas of our lives where we hold ourselves back from creating the success we want for our lives and our business.

Past emotional pain shows up in our money relationship and stops us from owning our worth. Therefore, it can hold us back from thriving in our business.

My work as a life and money coach is to uncover all the ways that our past keeps us in a pattern of under-earning, people-pleasing, hiding out, and staying invisible.

God wants us to THRIVE in what He’s called us to do.

What is the purpose of your life? Are you called to serve others?

I’m here to help you step into the vision God has for YOU!

If you would like to schedule a 15-minute Q&A call, you can do so using my Online Calendar. Or send me a message via my Contact Form.