My Story

How I went from being a financial avoider to a financially empowered entrepreneur & money coach

Here’s why I’m passionate about helping women end the cycle of financial stress and anxiety so they can take control, create financial abundance and fund their dream life


To create peace of mind in your finances and abundance in your business, you’ve got to uncover the inner blocks that show up to sabotage your progress. When going after bold new money goals, women at every income level experience a new set of mental blocks that are effectively released through transformational financial coaching. This is because for women,


Money is Emotional.

Money is both an Inner and Outer Game.


My {Emotional} Money Story

There was a time when I was clueless about money. I did not understand how to take care of it and I didn’t know how to keep it. In fact, I was a classic financial avoider.

I made a series of bad choices. Like starting a new business venture with a partner. Which I funded using my own cash and credit (in a business I knew nothing about).

Long story short, the partnership failed, and I ended up owing six-figures in credit card debt.

Against the advice of several attorneys, I refused to file bankrupt and instead devised a plan to pay it all off, which I was able to do in approximately five years. (Thank you Jesus!)


Dealing with the emotional side of money

Dealing with all that debt was the most humiliating, grueling struggle I have ever gone through. Dodging calls from creditors daily and wondering how I would ever pay it all off created a lot of anxiety, pain, and shame in my life. Clearly, I needed to deal with my inner blocks around money.

After some serious soul-searching, I made a commitment to myself that I was going to do a deep dive into my money stuff. I enrolled in and studied every program I could get my hands on. As a result, I completely transformed my finances and inner-programming around money over the course of a few short years.

It wasn’t always easy.

There were hard decisions to make.

But I made them.

One day at a time.


Now I’m Debt-Free!

Today, I am debt-free (except for a mortgage); I enjoy a six-figure income and financial abundance; I take good care of my money; I value myself and my money and I enjoy financial peace!

Now I’m on a world-wide mission to empower women to be financially empowered so they can be highly paid to do the work they love and take care of themselves throughout their lifetime.


My Unique Expertise Helping Women with Their Money Stuff

Twelve years ago, I trained to be a financial advisor, specializing in retirement planning. I provided retirement planning services to school teachers, administrators, and counselors. But I soon discovered that the male-dominated financial services industry hasn’t traditionally catered to women. The average financial advisor doesn’t understand that for women money is emotional. The industry as a whole has clearly let women down.

So, I set out to find a solution.

Several years later, I got certified as a business and money coach. Blending my training from both the financial advisor model and the life coaching model into one holistic solution, I created a system that integrates the emotional side of money with the practical step-by-step habits for achieving financial peace of mind.

When we address both the emotional aspect (the inner game) and the practical aspect of money and business management  (the outer game) simultaneously, we feel more supported, and therefore more confident in becoming the leader in our business and finances.

This transformation has a huge impact on a woman’s ability to grow her wealth.

When we transform our relationship with money, we show up differently in life and in business. We show up more powerfully in the marketplace. We attract our ideal clients more easily. We suddenly charge what we’re worth. We price our services and programs from a place of owning our value and we stop under-earning.