7 Money Affirmations for Women of Faith

7 Money Affirmations for Women of Faith - blog post by Christian Money Coach, Patti Fagan

Recently a former coaching client sent me a Voxer message asking for help with creating her money affirmations for the financial goals she wants to accomplish this year. She understands the power of the words we speak over our finances. This inspired me to create 7 money affirmations for women of faith. (Keep reading if you want to swipe them for yourself.)

What are Affirmations?

You’ve probably heard people talk about affirmations before. You may even have a general idea of what they are. They are statements of positive intention.

The power of affirmations to manifest your goals is under utilized. Until you’ve put them to use in your life and experienced the impact for yourself, you have no idea how powerful and life-changing they can be.

Your Words are Powerful

The use of affirmations is based on the biblical principle of calling things that are not as though they were (see Romans 4:17). It’s the spiritual principle through which everything physical is spoken into reality through the power of words. God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light (Genesis 1:3).

Why are Money Affirmations so Powerful?

Because there is power in the words that come out of our mouths. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit (Proverbs 18:21). By using affirmations, we are speaking things into existence. When we hear ourselves say something long enough, our brain gets in alignment.

Affirmations can help you develop self-confidence, manifest happiness, improve health, and ensure personal, financial, and career success.

Using money affirmations is a great first step toward taking responsibility for what we attract into our lives.

It’s empowering to believe at your core that you can effect changes in your life and finances rather than being the victim of circumstances or the economy.

The thing that makes affirmations so powerful is that your thoughts direct your desires, and your desires fuel your actions. Your actions become habits and change your life.

My client knows the power of using money affirmations to change your money story.

Here is a list of money affirmations I created for her. (Feel free to swipe them for yourself!)

7 money affirmations for women of faith:

I am open and receptive to all the wealth God has for me.

God wants me to prosper. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.

The more open I am to receiving, the more money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

Starting today, I move from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking and my bank accounts reflect this change.

I delight in the financial provision that flows into my life. I am becoming an excellent steward of my finances.

I am a prospering, generous woman. I am blessed to be a blessing to others.

The more money I have, the more I can bless others, and that feels good.

Exercise: Create your own daily money affirmations. Write them down in your journal or on index cards so you can carry them with you. Read them out loud and with positive emotions every morning and evening before bed.

If you find these 7 money affirmations for women of faith helpful, please share this blog with your Sisters-in-Christ so we can all prosper and be a blessing to others.

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