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Patti Fagan

Hello, I’m Patti Fagan.

Hello! I’m Patti Fagan! I’m a Christian Life Coach, Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, Integrative Nutrition Coach, former retirement planner, and digital creator. I’m also an award-winning author and prayer warrior, serving on the prayer team at my local church.

There was a time when I was clueless about money. I did not understand how to take care of it and I didn’t know how to keep it. In fact, I was a classic financial avoider. (Want to check out my victory over six-figure credit card debt story? Click here.)

Praise for Patti Fagan

Diane Cunningham Ellis

“Patti totally rocked the Zoom room with her training on money and overcoming old thoughts, under-earning, and fear.  I loved it!! And the women in the course were catapulted to think in new ways.  I am honored to work with Patti in a multitude of capacities!!”

Diane Cunningham Ellis, M.Ed.
The Brave Creations Coach

Judy Weber

“Patti is an amaaaaazzzing teacher and coach! I very much appreciate how she incorporates her strong Christian faith into her coaching work. She has a special way of getting you to think about your money mindset so you can overcome any beliefs holding you back. Patti’s experience, expertise & heart make her the obvious choice! I highly recommend her!”

Judy Weber
Women’s Advocate Author, Speaker
Founder, #SheisExtraordinary Movement

Barbara Huson

“Patti is a gifted Emotional Freedom Techniques facilitator. I’ve had her teach EFT to several of my women’s groups and each time she was extraordinary.  I’ve seen a lot of EFT demonstrations, but I’ve never seen anyone explain the process so simply and clearly or coach so efficiently.  Just recently, I watched her coach a woman through some deep unresolved issues, and within half an hour, the client was glowing! Patti is the real deal.”

Barbara (Stanny) Huson
The Leading Authority on Women, Wealth & Power

Kendall Summerhawk

“Patti delivers a clear, compelling & timely message about women and money. I recently interviewed her and my audience loved her! Book Patti on your show and your listeners will thank you!”

Kendall SummerHawk
Founder of the World’s Leading Coaching Training School for Women

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