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Studies show that when women work with a financial professional to create a plan for retirement, they are more confident and prepared to retire with enough income than those who do nothing. If you want to prosper - both now and in retirement – you owe it to yourself to explore the benefits of money coaching. Money coaching has the power to transform every area of your life. Since money for women is emotional, I believe very strongly that every woman needs her own money breakthrough coach. It’s never too late to start planning for the future. That’s what I tell women who feel guilty about not having a savings plan. But then I say, the sooner you get started, the better. Your future Self will thank you for it.

Patti Fagan, Money Breakthrough Coach

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"When you realize money is your divine heritage, you should persist in claiming it."

~Catherine Ponder
It's time for women to own their personal and financial power.

I truly believe that every woman needs a financial coach to help her reach her goals for a safe and secure retirement. Why? Because even though women are well educated and have successful careers, studies show they lack confidence in financial and retirement planning. If this describes you, if you sometimes feel clueless about money despite the fact that you make a decent income, let this be the day you decide to take charge of your money. Get your financial house in order. Baby steps are allowed. That’s how you grow confidence with money. As a financial coach, I don’t sell investments, instead I provide guidance for smart, savvy women, who want to live a carefree life. I can show you how to create a big picture plan for your money, so you can live a life you truly love, knowing that you have the money to do all the things you want to do.

  • Heal the shame and negative emotions that are typically behind chronic debt

  • Address unmet needs and the feelings of deprivation behind compulsive overspending

  • Heal the pain of underearning and learn the steps to give yourself permission to earn what you're worth

  • Enjoy the feeling of mastering your money and the ability to take care of your {future} Self and those you love

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